What is Fostering?

Fostering is when you host a pet in your home temporarily, while we seek a permanent, loving home. You simply do what you do for your own pets- just for one more happy little face!

We provide the vetting care and costs, and often many of the supplies you need. Food can occasionally be provided, though sometimes the fosters choose to provide this themselves…they just consider it a part of their “charitable giving”!

Basically, helping these pets really costs you nothing- and the rewards are endless! You will be amazed that the life changed by fostering a pet, may very well be your own!

People often think if they have a pet already, or kids, they cannot foster- this simply isn’t true! Most of our fosters have more than one pet, and many have kids…fostering is a great experience for kids, teaching them empathy and generosity…they learn how to give and think about other creatures and people in a new way…one that stays with them forever!

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