Get Involved

Get involved!

There are many ways you can help our animals- from sharing our message or their profiles, to collecting funds for them, or even making toys! Anyone can help one of our Roadies have a better start on their journey to adoptive homes!


Our Mission

We believe that all pets are precious- and none should be left behind. We take great pride in our rescue, that strives to excel at serving animals and families- going above and beyond at every turn!

We rescue and rehome pets- dogs, cats and some small furry animals- primarily from local shelters, and owners who surrender their pets. We work to help stop puppy mills, or save pets from other neglectful or abusive situations, such as those confiscated from hoarders, or to help owners that can no longer properly care for their pets. We will do whatever we can to help…even if this can’t be directly. We will always respond to a pet in need, so they don’t fall through the cracks, and potentially lose their lives.

We save these pets’ lives, make sure they are healthy, happy, and provide them the training and instruction they will need to become the best pet for you! We take care of the hard part, so you can make the most of enjoying your pet- but we always need people willing to help make change in the world, for these animals. You might be surprised how much the change takes place within you too!

Up until now, we have not had a brick and mortar structure- we house our animals in private foster homes throughout the area. This foster system is not changing, however we are expanding our work to include a new facility called the Motley Zoo Studio, to open in February 2014- which you can read more about here.

The primary structure of our organization is through our extensive network of experienced fosters, whom we train and instruct so that they can translate this work to the pets! We always need more families willing to take on a pet, and love them like their own, until a home is found.

How can you help? Well, it is up to you- but there are plenty of ways to fit Motley Zoo into your life! You may be surprised too, it may change your perspective on the other things that “keep you busy”. Sometimes adding one more thing, can really help you weed out what really matters in your life…you might just find yourself, re-evaluating what you do have time for, and realizing the “someday” you thought you’d volunteer, is everyday, when you work with us to save lives!

If you can help us, please send us an email at and tell us your story! We will follow up shortly with ways that we can put your skills to work! We never turn down an opportunity for help- so be prepared to get started :)





DIY old tshirt dog toys

DIY Help

Start your own Fundraising Campaign- There are many ways you can raise funds for us, from to Quick, simple and helps you look professional and stay organized. If you send us the list of donors (to, we will reward them with some cool Motley Zoo logo perks!

We have a pre-made sponsorship form if you want to go about it the old fashioned way too- just email us at to receive a copy.




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