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Our Mission
Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is dedicated to improving the lives of animals locally, nationally and internationally; alleviating their suffering and elevating their status in society through the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need and through the education of their community on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, advocating the value of all animal life, in hopes to end the neglect and abuse of all animals and to end the devastating pet overpopulation through spay and neuter advocacy.

Our Vision

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue dedicates its work to end pet overpopulation and the resulting euthanization of healthy, adoptable pets, due to limited space and funds of our local, national, and international animal welfare organizations as well as working to end abuse and neglect of all animals resulting from lack of information and education of the community, all the while advocating the value of all animal life.

“These birds and animals and fish cannot speak, but they can suffer, and our God who created them, knows their sufferings, and will hold him who causes them to suffer unnecessarily to answer for it…”

– George Q. Cannon, Animal Activist

What we believe

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is an official 501c3 non-profit corporation, foster- based animal rescue, assisting local, national, and international dogs and cats in need. We have no shelter facility. Instead, we house our rescue dogs with foster families where they enjoy one-on-one attention in a home environment, receiving training and support, while we work to find the best possible forever homes. Cats primarily are housed in our “cat condos” at a Petco location (currently the West Seattle location), through a joint effort. The cats are cared for daily by the employees of Petco, which includes allowing the pets out daily for supervised fun and play before, during, and after store hours. Other cats and kittens (underage and nursing moms) occasionaly have fosters available, but their adoptions proceed more quickly when they are in the public eye- so when they are well, or come of age they are moved to the condos. Unless the well being of the cat depends on it being housed in a foster home, Petco is our cat house, beause we simply do not have enough foster homes available for cats.

Our foster families are the backbone of our organization. In an effort to reach more animals in need, we are always searching for many more, dedicated foster families. As a foster family, you provide these pets with a safe and warm home to relax their minds; fresh water and healthy food to nourish their bodies; gentle hands and soft words to caress their souls. But also, like children, pets crave routine, boundaries and limitations. Our foster families provide such structure to not only help these dogs become better companion animals, but also to provide them with sometimes their first sense of security. And with all this, these dogs are able to relax and become happy, healthy dogs again, which in turn helps them become more adoptable and allows them to adjust easier into their new forever homes.

If you are interested in saving lives, it is far easier than you think. Mulling it over is harder than actually doing it- so give it a shot, even just once! You can’t say you ‘can’t” if you have never tried! Please shoot us an email at info@motleyzoo.org. We would love to speak with you further about our many volunteer and foster opportunities.


The Motley Zoo Crew

info@motleyzoo.org          206-453-8480

Mailing Address (ONLY):
23316 NE Redmond Fall City Rd
PMB #522
Redmond, WA 98053-8376

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Founders & Board of Directors

Bryan and jme- Director, Executive Director:

Bryan (Director of Marketing) and jme (Executive Director) are a married couple of avid animal lovers who have been involved in rescuing for the past 8 years. They have 4 dogs (rat terriers) and a cat (bengal)- all rescues- of their own, and always a foster pet or two, at home.

When they got their first dog Jasmine, they noticed she was very poorly behaved when it came to socialization, and that really this was not normal. Shortly after, they saw a plea for help needed for dogs on death row- who just needed a place to stay for a little, while a forever home was sought. Although they had their doubts, they wanted to try and help  Jasmine learn to be more like a real dog- AND save a life at the same time…and it worked out magically! They were immediately hooked on the idea that by hosting a dog in their home, they could save a life- and make a huge difference.

They have fostered more than 700 dogs and cats, and have helped countless others through their efforts with Motley Zoo. They believe most of all, that anyone can foster- they just have to see the simplicity in the idea: that for these pets, 10 minutes on your couch or lap is far better than any time spent in a shelter…they think you will be surprised at how much one little creature, can truly change your life too!

jme acts as full time, volunteer, Executive Director. While Bryan has a full time paying job, he spends nearly 20 hours a week besides, volunteering, updating the website, and creating new graphics and marketing materials.


Nancy, Director:

Nancy brings more than thirteen years of dog rescue experience to Motley Zoo.  Before moving to Washington, she was a hands-on volunteer with a group in Richmond, VA, where she fostered post-surgical and seriously ill, yet treatable dogs; was active in fundraising, transporting and attending weekly adoption events.  Community outreach and the education of companion animal owners are areas of focus for Nancy.

People who know Nancy, know she does “whatever it takes” (including her choice of awesome outfits), to draw attention to Motley Zoo’s adoptable animals and in doing so, is able to share our philosophy and mission by promoting better companion animal care and satisfaction through training, proper nutrition and improving social interaction.  And bringing home new toys!

She is pleased to be a part of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue’s group of volunteers and is excited about our growth opportunities in the near future.

Pate, Director:

The newest to Motley Zoo’s board, Pate brings many years of experience to MZar- especially in regards to birthing litters, working with nursing moms and bottle feeding babies, as well as pets with lack of socialization or behavioral issues, and her favorite  “pibbles” (pit bulls). She is a full time working mom, wholly committing her “spare time” to MZar- she puts in more than 40 hours beyond her paying job, to help MZ run smoothly! Pate is truly an angel to Motley Zoo and our animals in need.


Fosters & Volunteers:

We have approximately 75 fosters and volunteers who dedicate their time and love to our pets in need. We will feature each of them in time, and as they permit- many prefer to remain somewhat anonymous…or are simply camera shy!

We do want to highlight our youth volunteers, who assist us not only with fostering pets in their homes, but with adoption events too. Many need hours for school projects and others just do this because they love it! It is not hard to love, honestly!


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