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Rock 4 Rescue Concert!

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Oct 062014
October 18, 2014
7:00 pm

2014 Events Gone By:

Rock 4 Rescues Charity Concert

October 18th, El Corazon will be hosting an awesome night of rock, to benefit Motley Zoo! -All Ages

Doors open at 8pm

Come support local musicians, while rockin rescue!

Amanda Hardy

Black Powder County


Jamie Nova

DJ Ratticus

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Motley Crue

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Aug 182014

July 27th, 2014: Many thanks to Nita for bringing little Niki backstage before the show! Thanks to her help, we got to meet the legendary Tommy Lee before Motley Crue took stage on their final tour! Tommy even ran back to bring out his own pup, Bowie to meet our puppies named after all the members of the band!

motley crueTommyLee00 TommyLee01 TommyLee02 TommyLee03 TommyLee04

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Alice Cooper

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Aug 182014

July 27th, 2014: Nita Strauss meets our puppies and falls in love with little Niki before rocking it on stage with Alice Cooper!


Nina01 Nina02

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George Takei

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Aug 182014

June 29th, 2014: George Takei takes a minute before kicking off the Gay Pride festival in downtown Seattle to meet our little kitten named after him!


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King Kahn

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Aug 182014

June 25th, 2014: King Kahn and the Shrines help support rescue by kickin it backstage with our kittens named after their rockin songs!


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King Buzzo

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Aug 182014

June 20th, 2014: King Buzzo meets Jme, Hannah and little Melvin before his radio interview!


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The Minus 5

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Aug 182014

May 23rd, 2014: The Minus 5, meet our kittens named after their hit songs!

the minus 5 - the gun album_front

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Jul 292014


When it comes to taking an animal of any kind into our care, we have to hedge on the side of caution. This is true in most every facet, as we rarely have the benefit of knowing what their lives were like before they came to us.

We need to make sure an animal sees the vet for a medical check, we need to give the animal a behavior evaluation to gauge temperament and potential triggers, and we need to feed them the best possible food available in case of allergies or other unknown issues.

You may be surprised at just how many animals come into our care – even those who are surrendered by their owners – with terrible skin problems like hotspots, balding and yeast infections. What may surprise you even more is that many people don’t even register that the animal has the issue in the first place.

Lack of time or attention means it’s harder to notice that  when a pet has been licking its paws, has goopy eyes or even red, irritated skin. Therefore, the first time the issue ends up noticed is when the animal enters into our care.


Since we don’t typically know the cause of any one symptom, we start our detective work with the easiest – and overall least expensive — thing to control: Food.

Our first priority is to make sure an animal in our care is healthy, and a high-quality food can often make the difference between a healthy, happy dog and one who gnaws his paws raw. This is also true for our feline charges.

Any issue might end up more complex than expected, but sometimes all it takes to fix it is a different diet (this is especially true when owners who surrender their animals note what the pet was eating previously and it’s a low-quality food).

Many Americans are getting smarter about what they feed their pets, but some still prefer whatever is cheapest the grocery store (typically that is a product which includes allergy-causing ingredients such as ground yellow corn meat by-product/meal, corn gluten meal, various dyes and additives, by-products, rendered unspecific meats, etc).  

 What we know for sure is that  we see so many health and skin-related issues alleviated by high-quality food (rich in proteins, and low in grains and additives) what you feed your pet has to matter.

Not every dog has the same nutritional needs, but it’s up to us to figure out what those needs are. Sure, a dog could eat table scraps or kibble with corn as the first ingredient, but should they? Not if we can help it.


To find out what’s in your dog food, check out the following sites:

Dog Food Advisor

Take the True Blue Test from Blue Buffalo

Dog Food Analysis

What’s your favorite brand of dog food?

Rock on!

~The Motley Zoo Crew~

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Jul 242014

OttisCofee.Banner.SMALL.140711_Motley Zoo Filbert Cat Ottis Starbucks 07.21.14_3429

Are you ready to rock? Ottis to the Rescue is challenging all his fans to SAVE THE COFFEE TO SAVE A LIFE! Frappuccino Friday Fundraiser!

His challenge to YOU is to forgo your coffee this Friday (07.25.14) and instead, donate your coffee cash toward his Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Birthday fundraiser, in honor of his 10th birthday! 




R.S.V.P – S.H.A.R.E – L.I.K.E – D.O.N.A.T.E

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer, no-kill animal rescue organization that relies on public donations from fans like YOU to do the work they do for the animals in our community. If you love Ottis’ facebook page… if you loved Edward Carter’s Stairway to Heaven, Mia Miyoshi, Shooter, Andy and all his other fosters and you love the work we do, please support us so that we can continue to save lives!

Facebook has changed the way our posts reach our fans so that fewer and fewer people can “see” us every day… That has made our fundraising efforts a harder and harder struggle.  A dollar or two  may not seem like a lot to you as an individual, but if a hundred or more people all do it?? Then we all really can really make a difference. So let’s rally!

~The Motley Zoo Crew~

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