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Adopt a Pet – FAQ


Adopting from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue


1)       How might I meet your animals available for adoption?

A.       Thanks for your interest! We do not have a shelter location. All our rescues are housed in private volunteer foster homes, where they receive personal one-on-one care in a home environment. The first step toward meeting our animals is becoming an approved adopter with our rescue. We will also review your application to make sure the dog you wish to meet will fit your needs and wants in a companion animal. We take match-making seriously, as that is what is best for both the animal and you. Please email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required to request an application. Our goal is to review applications within 3 days and will keep you updated if there are delays in obtaining information.  Filling out our application as completely as you can helps us with the approval and matching process. We will work hard to approve you as soon as possible, so that we can set a time to for you to meet some great animals matched to you!

2)       Where do your rescue animals come from?

A.        As a foster-based non-profit animal rescue, we primarily support local shelters that are overwhelmed. The shelter environment is highly stimulating and stressful for animals. Many animals do not do well under those conditions. A number of local shelters call us when they are out of room, out of time, and have pets in need of the tender one-on-one care they know our quality foster homes provide. From pampered purebred pups with AKC papers, whose loving owner has passed away, to mysterious mixes who were born on the streets, our dogs come from all walks of life. But one thing all these animals have in common is that they are so grateful for their second chance at life, making the most loving, loyal companions.

3)       Do you require a fenced yard? What if I live in an apartment/condo?

A.       It depends on the dog! Some lower-energy lap dogs or dogs that are escape artists are often well suited for apartment and condo living, whereas some higher-energy dogs or dogs that are big talkers are more suited for a home environment with a fenced yard.  Either way, we will help you find a dog that will work well for your given situation, as long as you are prepared to provide the pet what it needs, such as daily walks around the neighborhood. We assess all our dogs and then, we make the best matches possible based on that particular animal’s needs. And remember, even dogs with yards benefit greatly from walks around the town!


4)       I just sent in my application. Now what?

A.      Thank you for your application! Once all parts of the application are received, we work quickly to approve you as an adopter with our rescue; however we are a purely volunteer based organization, so we appreciate your patience while we review your application. We are run solely by volunteers, and most hold full-time jobs. Your application is instrumental in helping us understand your living style so that we may ensure your new companion is best matched with your needs and wants in a new family member. Processing your application will entail calling your vet, your landlord if applicable, and references, which needs to be processed during normal business hours. As such, your application might be slightly delayed if received over the weekend or during non-business hours when many vet offices are closed. Once your application has been processed and approved, we will be in contact with you! A complete and detailed application is the best way to help your application move quickly through that process.

5)       What does my adoption donation go toward?

A.       Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is run by 100% volunteers. All adoption donations go towards the vetting, transportation, and general care cost of the animals. Most adoption donations are actually LESS than the total amount we spend in saving a particular animal. We rely on community donations from generous people like you to make up the difference in order to continue saving more animals in need. And as we are a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization,  your contributions are tax-deductible!


6)       I don’t live in Washington State. Can I still adopt from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue?

A.       Yes! Most our dogs are eligible for out-of-state adoptions. We do require that all adopters personally arrive to meet with the animal they wish to adopt, to further ensure a proper match. We do not ship animals and we do not adopt animals to people, sight-unseen. Please understand Motley Zoo invests a great deal of care and love into each of these animals, taking them from their lowest moments and building them back up. We work to find adopters prepared for a lifetime commitment to these animals, so seeing the adoption process through to the end is important to us.  All travel arrangements are to be made by the adopter, at their expense.

7)       The particular dog I applied for was adopted by another applicant. What now?

A.      We are so sorry. Many of our dogs have multiple suitors and we do our best to find the most suitable match for each dog’s special needs, in the timeliest manner. This doesn’t mean there is not a dog out there for you! We work hard to match people and their pets appropriately and will keep you and your needs in mind as we review our daily “urgent need” requests from the local shelters and communities. Often the animals we rescue are never even posted on PetFinder because we already had an approved family waiting in the wings for just such a dog. So, don’t be shy! Reach out – we are here to help.

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