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Motley Zoo Animal Rescue aims to be a resource for pet guardians in need of help. We know that there are many questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions that as simple or difficult as they may be, can help someone out there with an issue they face regarding their pets.

We are not licensed or professional trainers, but we do have plenty of experience with just about any issue you can imagine- we have lots of ideas about how to make transitions easier, how to resolve crate or pitying issues- but the rest is up to you. We work with licensed, professional trainers and seek guidance from them, and we can make referrals, especially in terms of what we have encountered, and who might best be suited to helping. Besides that however, we will tell you straight, what the options are when facing re-homing your pet, or a behavior issue, or regarding a stray pet in your area. There are some matters we may not be able to help directly to resolve, but we will always offer a suggestion, idea or other resource that may be more direct help.

We can only give suggestions from experience, and each dog is different. The key to “training” your pet is to try, try again. We are not magicians, but what we do, is with vigor, motivation and the belief that we don’t have the option of failure. Many times the reality is, we are the pet’s last chance. There are however, many issues that pet guardians can tackle themselves, before they become terribly frustrating or problematic- not necessarily requiring extensive time or funding, but instead may require a change in thinking, or habit on the part of the humans. In living with pets, problems are equally shared between the animal and the human- and sometimes this realization is very much the key to resolution.

We are not doling out opinions, and any suggestions we make or advice we may give, should be pursued further with a licensed, professional trainer- especially regarding serious matters.  We will not make blanket statements over the phone or via email, and in seeking our advice; you may be referred directly to a trainer or behaviorist for an evaluation first, before we can even determine the root of the matter. Many of these folks will do a free evaluation, so do not let that stand in the way of ensuring safety for you and others when it comes to your pet- especially an aggressive one.

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