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Rescue on the Rocks Vodka


Motley Zoo’s own brand of vodka!


Rescue on the Rocks!

Rescue on the Rocks Vodka

We’re currently seeking distributors, stores and restaurants interested in carrying our life-saving brand of spirits. For more information and how to order, email us: email hidden; JavaScript is required!


kerry with vodka cropped

Kerry King from Slayer showing off the bottle we gifted him

FAQs about Motley Zoo’s “Rescue on the Rocks” Vodka

Why vodka?

Why did we choose vodka as a fundraiser for Motley Zoo? Just as we saw an opportunity with our Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare to help unify our community and secure new support to fund our rescue efforts, so do we see the value of spirits playing a part in our fundraising as well.

Although we are far too busy saving animals to do much “partying” ourselves, alcohol plays a significant part in many of the events we participate in or benefit from. This got us thinking: as the events where Motley Zoo benefits from a mere portion of the overall alcohol sales are very successful, perhaps being the ones to brand, distribute and sell the liquor ourselves, would be even more so! Like our logo merchandise and Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare, we  vodka as another opportunity to do more for our mission!

How is this project funded?

We did not use any donations or savings initially designated for our animals to fund this project.

Instead, we approached specific donors who were interested in the idea, to donate funds specifically for this use. They were aware of the risks involved but felt it was a good idea to pursue, in hopes that the “return on their investment” into the project would be dramatic and very worthwhile for our animals.

We are a 100% transparent organization who values the support of our donors. Our mission to save lives is still first in our minds; we just see this project as a really significant boost to our current efforts- one we hope can help us expand our programs and effectiveness, significantly.


How are the proceeds used?

Outside of costs incurred for the process, ALL proceeds from the sales of “Rescue on the Rocks”, will go back into our rescue’s funds so we can help more animals.


Who distills the vodka?

Citrus Distillers, in Florida, is the company that  distills and bottles the vodka. We chose the recipe and toast, as well as any flavoring; they crafted our vision! As a crew of dog lovers, they were eager to help us with this project, for which we are very grateful.


Where can I buy Rescue on the Rocks?

We are about to release it! We will be self distributing and working with traditional distribution companies to get the product into stores and restaurants. We will keep you posted when the first bottles hit the shelves!


Raise a glass of Rescue on the Rocks- and raise funds for homeless animals in need!

Mr. Melvin says: “Please, drink responsibly- Woof!”



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