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Post Adoption Information


Thank you for adopting with us! We look forward to continuing a relationship with you and your Rock Star as you get to know each other.

Please make sure you complete these action items:


Pet Insurance

Microchip Registration

Microchip Registration


Pet Licencing

Pet insurance

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities we have for you:

  • 24 Petwatch offers you a free, 30 day trial of their basic insurance plan with your adoption.
    • You must complete registration for this plan within 3 days.
    • The information you need is uploaded to your FIGO PetCloud account (see below) as well as will be emailed to you.
    • Please note: once you register, at the end of 30 day trial the policy will continue and you will be billed, unless you contact them to cancel.
  • You have been given a free account with FIGO Pet Insurance’s PetCloud– a full service app, which offers you the ability to keep track of your pet’s records at your fingertips- and offers a quick way to reunite you with your pet if they go missing.
    • Get a free quote for an exceptionally comprehensive insurance plan.
    • For each plan you purchase, Motley Zoo will receive a $35 donation!
    • To use your account (which has already been created for you), log in here.
      • Username: [your email]
      • Password: MZrocks!
      • Your pet’s records have been uploaded to the “Inbox & Documents”, “Medical Documents” folder
      • You can add new documents and vet records by emailing yourself at [your first name. last name]!

Feel free to check out other insurance plans such as those from Healthy Paws, Trupanion (both local companies) and other top rated companies, to ensure you are getting the best rate for yours and your pet’s needs.


Microchip Registration

Your pet has a microchip implanted in his or her neck. This is about the size of a grain of rice that bounces back a unique radio frequency when scanned.

This device is considered “passive”: it only transmits a frequency when scanned. This is not an “active” device, like a GPS- so microchips cannot locate a pet in real time…however your FIGO Pet Tag (see “Pet Insurance”, above) will help do that!

Microchips need to be registered with a database in order to be effective.

Your pet’s microchip number is on the 4th page of the document titled “Gift Insurance”.

New chips are automatically connected to the agency that implanted them. Therefore, if you register your pet’s microchip, you will be considered the first point of contact and Motley Zoo, the second. If you do not register the chip with your own contact information, Motley Zoo will be contacted first.

The most common brands we come across are:



Each company has their own database, some of which charge you for registration- while others are free.  Also, any company will register the chips of any other brand- so you can have all of your pets registered under the same company if you’d like.

Feel free to email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have questions about registering your microchip!


Pet Licensing

It is very important that you license you new furry friend. Not only does this insure that your pet will be safe if they somehow land at a local shelter, but licensing also helps support services in your community- ones you may not realize are so critically important.

Pet licensing not only helps make your community safe by supporting animal control efforts for situations such as dangerous animals on the loose, but also to fight animals neglect, cruelty and abuse, including combating dog fighting rings. The man hours involved in keeping your community safe your you, your families and other animals is paid for through the sales of licenses. It is critical that you support these efforts which make our communities better places to live.

Please go here for links to of some WA counties’ licensing departments. Make sure your specific city doesn’t require a license instead/ as well. For example, the city of Seattle has their own licensing, which you’d use instead of King County’s, when you live within the city limits.


Vet Records & Receipt

You will be provided all of your pet’s vet records, which includes any vaccines, surgeries and other medications, procedures and treatments they have had.

We have uploaded all of this, along with your signed adoption contract, to your new FIGO Pet Cloud account (see above)- which will allow you instant access from your mobile phone. This will come in handy when you take your new furry friend to the vet for their first visit- and will allow you to keep track of future records, visits and vaccine reminders. We can also email this to you if you prefer.

The receipt for your adoption donation paid to our 501c3 nonprofit, is also uploaded to your FIGO PetCloud account. Please keep this on hand for your taxes.

Please email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any trouble accessing these records.


Employee Matching

Many companies offer matching opportunities for donations (and sometimes hours logged as a volunteer) made to 501c3 nonprofit corporations like Motley Zoo. We are in the databases of many companies including Boeing, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and others.

Please ask your employer if matching opportunities are available for your contributions, as this will allow us to save more lives!


Dog Daycare, Boarding, Pet sitting & Training

You may know that Motley Zoo runs our own dog daycare facility in Redmond, called Rock Star Treatment, which acts as a year-round fundraiser for our rescue! Here we also offer services such as boarding, petsitting and training classes.

  • “Dog Daycare” is a daytime only (7am-7pm Mon- Fri) service where we look after your dog while you’re out
  • “Boarding” is done in our homes, with Dog Agents from the Rock Star Treatment Studio.
    • Boarding requires daycare attendance and the same application applies.
    • Rates for overnights are dependent on each Agent, however averages $30/ night.
  • “Pet Sitting” is done in your home by our Dog Agents and other sitters we have experience with.
  • “Training Classes” are hosted at our RST Studio by a variety of trainers that rent space. Click here for the trainers currently offering classes at the Studio as well as referrals to others around town.

email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any questions about these services.


Updates & Questions or Concerns

We love to hear updates about your new life with your Motley Zoo Rock Star! These stories help keep us going when we’ve had a rough day. A picture or anecdote really makes all the difference in knowing that our mission realy changes lives!

Besides that, we do not want you to suffer in silence if things are not going well. Please tell us what you are experiencing so that we can help- many times the support and advice we can provide can be the difference between a successful adoption or a returned one. 

We have a lot of experience moving animals from one home to another- and especially little tricks and tips that could be the answer to any struggle you may have! Welcoming a new furry friend to your home can be challenging at times, but it is always worth it- let us help you be successful in this adoption adventure!

If you do have a problem that cannot be resolved, especially after contacting us and attempting to work through it, we will take the animals back. Thankfully, this is not very often, but sometimes despite all efforts and intentions just don’t add up to a successful, long term situation.

We want you to be happy- and most of all, our animals to be happy, loved and safe. If this is just not the case, we need to know, so that we can all move forward again.

Please email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you need help, or just want to share the love with an update.

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