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Deck The Hall Ball

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Apr 072015

December 9th, 2014: 107.7  The End, invited Motley Zoo to have a booth backstage to meet the performers! Imagine Dragons, Weezer, Cage the Elephant, Young the Giant, TV on the Radio, Kongos, Vance Joy & Royal Blood were all kind enough to take some pictures with our puppies and kitten, helping to raise awareness for pet adoptions!

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Oct 302014

October 27th, 2014: Guess who stopped by Rock Star Treatment the other day?? None other than Alan White from YES! Totally cool. He got right down on the floor to make the most of his experience, as you can see- and befriended one of our new kitties too. How awesome to have a true legend in our rockin Studio! Thanks to Jerry and Lois Photography for the amazing shots!



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Oct 262014

October 12th, 2014: Little puppy Guttermouth got to meet his namesake band! As usual he gave lots of kisses and cuddles, and the band was so happy to meet him. We’re so grateful that good ol’ punks like Guttermouth care so much about animals too!

guttermouth logo

IMG_4584 IMG_4587 IMG_4589

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Social Distortion

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Oct 152014

September 30th, 2014: Our kitten, Mommy’s Little Monster took a trip down to Eugene to meet the legendary Mike Ness!





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Pain in the Grass

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Oct 062014

September 12th, 2014: KISW was awesome enough to invite us to have a booth at Pain in the Grass! Our kittens and puppies had great fun making lots of friends backstage with the bands.

See even more amazing pictures with all the artists on our facebook page.


10606420_10152270633386510_1185424179439823958_n10409431_10152270631381510_3775416634999477338_n10600580_10152270631876510_2053981993663928199_n 10620721_10152270634186510_4335799671452215805_n 10675782_10152270629981510_1835529627671134285_n




logo 2

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Oct 062014

September 7th, 2014: Doyle and the band come out to meet Buffy the Abominator and kittens, Head Hunter and Misfit!


10420356_10152261817056510_5947030258392445960_n 10516876_10152260398281510_1845729466549961503_n 10649676_10152261817071510_6380668746316772703_n 10672240_10152261817086510_3223520649978990774_n 10676340_10152261817076510_6065420833026734985_n 10685423_10152261817061510_8548242423715615246_n

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Oct 062014

August 30th – September 1st: Motley Zoo was fortunate enough to Rock it backstage in the VIP lounge with so many talented artists. Our puppies and kittens made a big impression, relaxing and entertaining the artists between sets! We were so grateful to be a part of the event while helping to raise pet adoption awareness!

See even more great photos of all the stars on our facebook page!

bumbershoot logo


IMG_3389IMG_3310IMG_3201IMG_3064IMG_2994IMG_2908IMG_2438IMG_2566 kittens in mailchimp hats148770_10152254459396510_7258132753249832273_n 10552399_10152255181926510_1225269952621955995_n

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Motley Crue

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Aug 182014

July 27th, 2014: Many thanks to Nita for bringing little Niki backstage before the show! Thanks to her help, we got to meet the legendary Tommy Lee before Motley Crue took stage on their final tour! Tommy even ran back to bring out his own pup, Bowie to meet our puppies named after all the members of the band!

motley crueTommyLee00 TommyLee01 TommyLee02 TommyLee03 TommyLee04

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Alice Cooper

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Aug 182014

July 27th, 2014: Nita Strauss meets our puppies and falls in love with little Niki before rocking it on stage with Alice Cooper!


Nina01 Nina02

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George Takei

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Aug 182014

June 29th, 2014: George Takei takes a minute before kicking off the Gay Pride festival in downtown Seattle to meet our little kitten named after him!


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