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Sponsors, Collaborations and Memberships


This page is dedicated the thanking the corporations, businesses, and other collaborations that help make Motley Zoo the best it can be!


The PETCO Foundation & PETCO’s Redmond, Ballard Stores

The PETCO Foundation has been key in helping Motley Zoo tackle making spays and neuters possible for more pets! Motley Zoo faces exorbitant vet bills for the pets we take in, and the PETCO Foundation’s support assists us in stretching our budget further, to accommodate the great demands placed on us.

Our partnering PETCO stores offer daily and seasonal fundraising efforts at the check out counter- from rounding up your purchase, to their nationwide themed events like Spring a Pet, Tree of Hope and more. Please remember that your change can make a difference for us and our pets- and of course additional support can go even further!

We have cat condos at some Petco stores, giving you the opportunity to easily meet some of our available kitties in person and helping our fosters to be able to house even more pets in need!

We are eternally grateful to the employees and friends we have at all these locations!


All the Best Pet Care

All the Best Pet Care has been a great supporter of Motley Zoo. They’ve proudly donated much needed quality foods for our pets and have helped too to fundraise and have invited us to do many adoption events at their stores.

We have cat condos at the Redmond, Bellevue, Issaquah, Kenmore & Ballard stores, giving you the opportunity to easily meet some of our available kitties in person and helping our fosters to be able to house even more pets in need!


Motley Zoo is a proud member of:

wa federation

jme, our Executive Director, is also a member of the Board of The Washington Federation. We are proud that Motley Zoo’s ideas and efforts can be put to use for the Federation, to help expand and progress the movement of humane animal welfare in Washington State.


PetSmart Woodinville & PetSmartCharities!

We work with the wonderful people at PetSmart Woodinville, to host adoption events and more- and we’re beneficiaries of the PetSmart Charities, who offers some financial assistance to our group! We are so grateful for the opportunities provided by both, and we can’t say THANKS, enough!


PFF is a great resource for rescues, shelters and pet seekers alike and their foundations has graciously donated vaccines, Thundershirts and more to our rescue, to help make our pets happier and healthier for adoption!


Corporate Matching Programs

We are in the database for many corporate matching programs- of both funds and donated time. Many companies like Microsoft, Expedia, American Express, and Starbucks participate- perhaps your employer offers such a program?

Please inquire with your company for more information, or to suggest that we be added to their database. This kind of support allows us to save many more animals in need, and is truly integral in keeping Motley Zoo running!


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