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MZ Rockumentary: Rock Stars with Our Rescues!



Here’s a rockumentary of our encounters with rock stars and celebrities who help us find homes for our rescue animals- ones we named after them and their songs!

We are so honored to have their big time help promoting rescue and adoption!

Big & Rich – Charlie Puth – Grimes – Hells Belles – High on Fire – KMFDM – Lamb of God – Mark Lanegan & Jeff Fielder – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Meg Myers – Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) – Phillip Anselmo & Illegals – Red Fang – Slayer& Testament – Slipknot – Theory of a Dead Man – Tommy Lee – Tove Lo – Volbeat – X


Tommy Lee of MOTLEY CRUE (July 2014): Tommy Lee heard we were at the Motley Crue show with the Motley Zoo-mobile and a littler of puppies named after the band. He came zooming out on a 4 wheeler and we nearly missed him- but he saw us running and waving with the crates and invited us inside, behind the gates. He had Bowie, his rescue dog, with him as well and he ran to get him- Bowie likes to ride like a champ! It was awesome to meet this major LEGEND that we clearly pay homage to with our name! This still stands as one of the best days- what a nice guy and what great support for rescue!

IMG_1646 IMG_1658 print 1IMG_1654

We were also really lucky to meet Nita Strauss, aka Hurricane Nita, Alice Cooper’s amazing lead guitarist! Not only did she truly fall in love with little “Nikki Sixx”, she ended up adopting her! The pup’s name is now, quite appropriately, Motley!




Volbeat (September 2016)


Slayer, Testament and Carcass (March 2016):

CC0A6899 CC0A6970 gary with AS 2 kerry and slayer w font kerry with vodka cropped

Metal Injection covers our visit with Slayer, Testament and Carcass snuggling our adoptable puppies! You will melt at the sweetness of tough metal guys cooing over our furry friends.

More coverage from Metal Shock Finland! 


Charlie Puth (November 2015):

charlie & jme IMG_5297 charlie group IMG_5304 charlie super puppy IMG_5285


Meg Myers (October 2015):

meg & jme 2 meg & jme meg w meg


Tove Lo (October 2015):

tove lo & jmetove crouching w pup tove lo & crew tove lo cuddling


Mark Lanegan & Jeff Fielder (Macefield Festival- October 2015):

group smiles Jeff laughing at pup Mark Lanegan kissing pup smiling with pups


Grimes (October 2015):

claire w jme 2 IMG_5150 puppy play time 2 IMG_5146 snuggles with chet IMG_5097


Hell’s Belles (September 2015):

Helles Bells 1 Helles Bells 2 Helles Bells 3 Helles Bells 4


Hometown Throwdown (September 2015):

Alex from Big & Rich

alex big and rich

Alex, wearing our shirt on stage!alex big and rich 2hometown throwdown


Bumbershoot (Sept 2015):

airborne toxic event IMG_4524 airborne toxic event IMG_4538 babes in toyland bassist IMG_4433 babes in toyland shoot IMG_4463 brandon robbins moth and flame IMG_4861 daniel and IMG_4744 elle king w logo IMG_4580 nathaneil rateliff w logo IMG_4901 nathaniel rateliff band IMG_4907 nathaniel rateliff IMG_4909 soft sleep IMG_4663 the floozies IMG_4949 the gizzled mighty w logo IMG_4867 the white buffalo w logo IMG_4488 who is IMG_4553


Pain In The Grass (August 2015):

DSCN2031 DSCN2040 DSCN2043 DSCN2049 DSCN2050 DSCN2052 DSCN2054 DSCN2060 DSCN2065 DSCN2072 DSCN2080 DSCN2084 DSCN2095 DSCN2098 DSCN2099 (2) DSCN2106 DSCN2110 DSCN2114 DSCN2115 DSCN2117 DSCN2119 DSCN2122 DSCN2128


Summer Camp (August 2015):

Meg Myers


JoywaveDSC_4297 DSC_4315

In the Valley BelowDSC_4328 DSC_4334

Chet FakerDSC_4338 DSC_4342 DSC_4349 DSC_4360 DSC_4369 DSC_4383

Glass AnimalsDSC_4389 DSC_4410

Matt & KimDSC_4442 DSC_4444 DSC_4481

Saint MotelDSC_4519 DSC_4529 DSC_4540 DSC_4541


Volbeat & Anthrax (July 2015):


George Takei (June 2014)- We were fortunate enough to actually have an appointment with the most desired guy (in more ways than one?) at Pride Fest 2014. He was so excited about meeting kitty George Takei, but Brad said they probably shouldn’t adopt the kitty right then and there. We were so glad he was so excited to meet the kitty- and thankfully, George the kitty, was not scared at all by the noise and chaos!



Jackson Galaxy  of My Cat From Hell (May 2014)- Jackson signed a signature guitar case for our Cat Lounge! It is proudly displayed, along with some pics of us with him- and even him with our Motley Zoo-mobile!

jackson galaxy lid 2


Mastodon (May 2014)

CC0A9743 CC0A9768


ZZ Top (March 2014): We were lucky enough to get to hang with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top for a bit before their show. He told us some pretty cool stories and graciously let Legs (the kitty), eat the remainder of his dinner! Oddly enough she liked the vegetarian food he chose. Good times!

billy and legs vignette


The Head and the Heart (Feb 2014): We quickly sneaked in snuggle session/ photo shoot just after sound check where the band got to meet Ghost the pup (named after one of their songs), and 2 kitties. They were all so enamored and elated with the surprise- it was really cute to see.

charity & charity ghost and honey sniffing 2 group shot 1 josiah with ghost 3


Phillip Anselmo & The Illegals (Jan 2014): We were so happy to meet the legendary “Phil” Anselmo and his awesome band. He instantly turned into a super softie with a puppy in his hands and the band members were all pretty amused with the idea that these kids were named after them! This was definitely a great night for people and pups alike!

jme & phil phil and phil 2 the illegals 2


X (Dec 2013): Our kitty X, meets up with the real, live legends in the band for some ol’ school punk rock and rockabilly with The Blasters. Truly an honor to meet them- and they can still ROCK!

20131220_173459 20131220_173627 20131220_173856 billy smiling with lucia


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with Mary Lambert (Dec 2013): Kittens Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Thriftshop welcome the super stars home from a long tour! It was funny because we’re pretty sure Mack had never held a cat before- and we like to think we inspired him to find Cairo, his beloved little kitty (who is now nearly as famous)! We were actually asked to help in the process of finding him a kit, but within a day, he had found her already, so it was meant to be!

mack and jme 2 mack ryan and jme ryan and jme 2 ryan and ryan


High on Fire (Dec 2013): Samsara, Frost Hammer, Mysteriis and Remus meet the guys from High on Fire. They were so happy for some furry fun and clearly were thrilled that the kitties were there to see them!

hof and jme 3 jeff and samsara 3 jme and matt samsara and matt 2


KMFDM (Nov 2013): The members of KMFDM are some of my very favorite people on the planet! We certainly dearly miss them when they are gone- and are so grateful for their return. Here, the kitties  Sasha, Lucia and Annabella meet the real, live people- certainly a spotlight moment to find out there’s a kitty named after you, when you’re just a little girl!

jme & sascha jme and lucia jules and jme steve and jme

Red Fang (Nov 2013): We named our kitties Red Fang, Malverde, Night Destroyer and Undertow and brought them to meet the guys. They were so excited and their faces show it! These Portland guys are so nice- and the band ROCKS!

happy kitty IMG_6700 (2) john and pets john with kitten

Slayer (Nov 2013): Paul, Kerry and his wife Ayesha, were kind enough to meet our little band of metal head felines as they played backstage with the staff! This was a pretty awesome and legendary meeting. Turns out the Kings are quite the animal enthusiasts themselves- comeplete with their own zoo at home.

jme and paul jme kerry aisha kerry bryan jme slayer autographs

October 31, 2013: Hell’s Belles and HalloQueen play a benefit concert for Motley Zoo and meet their namesakes!

August 29, 2013: Kittens Gin & Juice meet the ultimate rapper, Snoop Dogg!

August 28, 2013: Doyle the cat meets namesake Doyle, from the Misfits (and now playing with Danzig). They didn’t meet Danzig but he signed a picture of kitten Glenn’s likeness.

July 30, 2013: Kittens Ian and Billy, have a brush with their namesakes!

July 12, 2013: Our kittens Tim and Adina, named after Rancid’s members and their songs, meet the band! (Matt and Lars had already found homes!)



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