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We believe that all pets are precious- and none should be left behind. We take great pride in our foster based rescue that strives to serve animals and families to the best of our ability, going above and beyond at every turn. Motley Zoo is the Revolution of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education!

We rescue and re-home pets, primarily dogs and cats- but we do have the occasional small critter or farm animal too. We save their lives, make sure they are healthy, all are spayed/ neutered, and we provide basic training and instruction they will need to become the best companion for you!

We don’t have a brick and mortar structure for our animals- rather we house our animals in private foster homes throughout the area. We have an extensive network of fosters whom we train and instruct so that they can translate this work to these pets. However, this means there is no central location for you to go and visit our adoptable animals– with the exception of some cats. You can view our animals online here– otherwise email us and ask for a questionnaire to learn more about an animal you are interested in and get started on the adoption process.

We primarily exist to support the shelters but our animals come from all different situations, including owner surrenders. Sometimes our job isn’t just to secure an animal and to take it in- but instead help someone keep their pet, with advice and training; to advocate spay and neuter, so we can limit the number of animals that may need our help later; as well as to convey the plight of these animals in need, so the community too, might realize that their help is needed and valuable. It doesn’t take great time or energy to support animal rescue- just motivation to do your part!

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