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Jul 222014



Kyle and Klarisa VanWinkle with their pets

2. How long have you been a Motley Zoo volunteer and how did you get started?
Since around March [of 2014]. I work across the street and always drove by and wondered what it was about. At the time, my husband had mentioned working for a non-profit and then just like that fate stepped in and I was working with MZ [Motley Zoo] the next day.

3. What do you think makes Motley Zoo special?
The environment 🙂 I have never walked into a group of people that made you feel more empowered to do something great no matter where you start. From the beginning, Motley Zoo directors encouraged us to reach out, head projects and be a part of everything they do. There was never a moment of not feeling welcome and it became a place to go when you just needed to see a friendly face.

4. Tell us about your own pet(s):
I currently have two dogs. Leila is a small Nova Scotia mix that I found at a gas station in San Diego. When I found her, she was full of worms and covered in dirt and oil. That little girl has been with me through some of the roughest days of my life and I couldn’t be more happy I found her. Tobi is a Miniature Australian Shepherd and was my husband’s pick. From the beginning, Tobi was a lover who fell asleep on your shoulder every time you picked him up. He now takes up the majority of our bed each night, sleeping right in the middle of us — Haha!

5. What animal do you think you’re most like, and why?
Tough question! I think it would change with my mood. If I had to pick one though, it would be wolf. To be free, wild, strong and live in a pack/family your whole life.

6. Tell us a funny story about an experience you’ve had with an animal — either your own, or while fostering/volunteering:
Oh my gosh, the two [foster] cats I brought home, even when my husband said no. I thought it would be so easy to handle Nyx and Hemera, and boy was I wrong. Nyx for the life of her could not keep the majority of the litter in the cat box [when she first arrived]. My husband’s reaction to the bathroom floor could not have been more perfect. Made us think really long and hard if we wanted a cat!

7. What’s one thing you’ve learned – or that has surprised you – about your experience/animals/rescue since you started with Motley Zoo?
People are not always what you would expect and the majority of the world will show you kindness when you show it. I have learned to be more outgoing and reach out and talk to strangers, and how to handle situations that before would have broke me down to tears. There are a lot of things that I take with me everywhere now thanks to MZ.

8. What’s the one pet product you can’t live without?
Dogs, no doubt about it!

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