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Apr 012010
Diane joined Motley Zoo by quite the accidental blessing!! As the Motley Zoo Crew rallied for the 2009 PAWS walk, we bumped into Diane. She took a particular liking to one of Bryan & jme’s little dogs, Meatball. She didn’t have a dog of her own to walk at the event and since jme & Bryan always have spares, Diane walked Meatball. She walked him, that is, until she got a little tired and then of course, she simply had to carry him. It’s hard to lug around a head that big, you know 😉
During the walk, Diane expressed interest in fostering and told us about her life in Japan. She has been living in Japan many years and was here only on sabbatical for a year’s time. Diane had volunteer experience at animal shelters in Japan, which we thought would really come in handy should she take the plunge and start fostering!
Shortly after, Diane contacted us and the rest is history! Over these last number of months, she has foster a handful of cute little dogs for us, including a “Meatball” of her very own! Mimi, the little Meatball look-a-like, was a pocket sized rat terrier/ Chihuahua mix who found herself abandoned. Not much of a surprise to us, Diane promptly adopted little Mimi as her pint size and calm temperament made her perfect for their lifestyle in Japan! Mimi is a very special dog and we’re so happy for them both. But still dedicated to fostering, Diane kept on as a foster even after adopting!
Mimi was a bit shy at first and not so sure about new dogs, but after she was able to socialize with a few fosters, she’s a total champ, bossing even the big boys around. This has been a great experience for Mimi, and for Diane. Although letting each of her fosters go was hard for Diane, she was a good sport- tears and all! We were always there to hug her- and promptly find the next foster to distract her!
But alas, the time has come that we must say goodbye to our dear Diane, as her sabbatical is nearly over and she will soon return to Japan.
Diane, we will miss you and your gentle spirit. You have provided these Motley Zoo and our animals a very special service. It won’t be the same without you, but we wish you the best!! Keep in touch and we cannot wait to hear how little Mimi takes to her new surroundings!!
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