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Aug 032010

We wanted to dedicate this page to the members of Motley Zoo, and the group itself, and how they give back in other ways- beyond helping animals! We are so pleased to see such kindness and giving in so many areas!

Brooke and jme donate their hair to Locks of Love

On Sunday August 8th, Brooke and jme will be cutting their hair to donate to a great cause: Locks of Love. This organization provides wigs to kids who face losing their hair to the ravages of chemotherapy, while battling cancer.

This is a pretty well known cause, and we encourage you and your children to consider doing the same- it doesn’t take anything special, just leave your hair alone for a while, and let it grow! It has been nearly 5 years for these ladies, in not messing with their natural color and style…they are eager for the change!

Stay tuned for pics and the ending to this story!

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