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We are working to collect funds for a custom wig of Leisha’s own hair- to help her family through this battle. Any funds collected above and beyond, will go toward their bills and expenses. Please read her story below, and pass it on…


*Update* 6/20: We are so proud to say we have reached our goal for Leisha’s wig- but she and her family still need help! We want to thank everyone who has helped out already- we are so appreciative. We are just overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity!

So what we’re working towards now, is continuing to raise funds to help their family pay their bills, including taxes and car payments- even things as simple as just getting groceries! With Leisha unable to keep up the pace of the work they had been doing to make ends meet, and Deo’s nearing the end of his unemployment, they are still facing a huge adversity, besides this battle with cancer. There will be new announcements to come, about more ways we are working to help them face the road ahead!

Until then, don’t be shy about offers to help, or with donations- they are so worth it! Funds can still be sent to our attention, to our mailbox or PayPal- and we will still make sure they get where they are going! Or if perferred, donations can be written out directly to Leisha Davison Yasol, or Deo Yasol as well.

Below is a picture of Leisha sporting her new wig!

*Update* 6/14: Leisha has her wig…but we still owe the generous wigmaker, who took it upon himself to allow her the pleasure of wearing it, before paying! We want to get this settled as soon as possible and we could use one last little bit of help to get finished up! The kids are so appreciative as well and I was presented with a nice thank you note for helping her…we are just so glad that this gesture has indeed had the intended result, in bringing peace and comfort to Leisha’s family.


*Update* 6/1: While waiting for the school bus, Morgan made this, as he was feeling sad about his mom. He told her he was sorry he used such strong language, but that is how he felt.


 *Update* 5/30: Leisha is starting to feel better after her first round of chemo, and finally eating- but she has so much ahead of her too. She is in good spirits though, so we are grateful for that.

Below are two of the most recent pictures, during my visit with her and her family. Her hair is all cut, and sent off to the wig maker (Anton’s Hair Company)- so now we need to pay him and get that back on her head! We still need help with funds for this, so anything you can do is appreciated!

When I arrived the boys told me, they are scared and they can’t wait until she has her hair back and she doesn’t have cancer…and now I have been dubbed “the friend who’s making mom’s hair”…how I wish any of us could ever be known as the friend that just cured cancer outright!

Keep strong Leisha and Deo- we support you!

Meet Leisha, a very special friend of Motley Zoo. She is an animal lover and a mom…she is only 34 years old- and battling a serious and aggressive breast cancer.

Leisha has battled autoimmune issues for the last few years, and was on months of bedrest and nearly died while pregnant with her twin boys, William and Morgan, age 6. Over a year ago, her husband lost his job- and therefore they lost their insurance too. This is part of the reason why the cancer is so advanced- because no one would see her, to help her find out if something was really wrong. Leisha finally found some great doctors who would see her- and they helped her find a medical plan that would could help- but her battle is just beginning, and she’s struggled so much already.

Leisha starts chemotherapy on Thursday, May 20th (you can see the shunt which will deliver the medication in the picture, on her chest, to her right)- and she will lose her hair, which you can see is quite long and beautiful. Her boys are scared as it is, and then on top, they are quite upset for her to lose her hair. Seeing their mom ill is going to be so hard as it is- but our hope is that we can help the whole family maintain some semblance of normalcy during this fight. We’d like to help Leisha have a wig made of her own hair.

There are a few options in this regard, and we are investigating them all- but the bottom line is the cost: $1500-2500. We certainly can understand why a handcrafted and custom wig would cost so much, but it is far more than most people can afford. She initially declined, thinking that the cost was indeed too great- and so she instead planned to cut her own hair and generously donate it to a charity for someone else to use instead! Although we thought this was so kind, we asked her to consider that SHE needs her hair- and we will help make that wig happen, no matter what! Then, one day, when she no longer needs her hair, she can gladly donate it to another person struggling to battle cancer.

We would like to raise some funds for her, so that she can have her own hair back again soon- before it is ravaged by the effects of chemo. All funds raised will go towards this cause- and anything above and beyond that could be generated, will go to help their family pay the bills, so they can get by. You can help, with even a small donation- the littlest bit can really go a long way! We thank you advance for your help- and we hope that if you or your family struggle with this terrible disease, that you too stay strong and fight.

Leisha’s wish is that everyone who might hear her story, never ever give up on seeking help and detecting the disease early with regular check ups, breast exams and if recommended, mammograms. Often times younger people can be dismissed by doctors or dismiss warnings themselves- believing that it is too soon to worry…it is never too soon to save your life!

If you would like to donate to Leisha’s cause, then we can accept donations via Paypal or checks, money orders, etc to our PO box. Please make note that unlike a donation to Motley Zoo, we cannot offer a tax deduction for this effort as it is a separate entity…and that checks should be written out to our executive director, jme Thomas- since she will be organizing the payments for the wig. She will ensure any excess funds raised go directly to Leisha’s family also.

-Pay via Paypal: email hidden; JavaScript is required

-Make checks payable to jme Thomas and send to her attention, here:

c/o Motley Zoo

23316 NE Redmond Fall City Rd #522

Redmond, WA 98053

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