As of  March 16th, 2015, we have adopted out  1506 pets! Want to know what else we’re up to?

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Pet Photography Class

Kittens.WM.043014_Motley Zoo Sarah Foster Black Kittnes 05.10.14_1183


This is a fundraiser for Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

Paint Fur Paws Fundraiser

paint fur paws

Class fee: $50 (covers supplies and the rest is a donation to Motley Zoo)

Bring a picture of your pet- as big as possible. You will learn how to translate this to a 12″ x 12″ canvas so you can paint your masterpiece!




Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare in Full Swing!


Rescue your dog from boredom and help support our adoption efforts! Our rockin’ day care is not just for our adopted pets- your dog is welcome too. By increasing activity in your dog’s social life, you can help us save more lives of rescue pets in need. This is our “year-round fundraising program” of Motley Zoo.

Dog daycare helps your pup  become a more balanced and happy doggy citizen. Playtime gives your dog a chance to socialize and use up some extra energy, which can also lead to tackling more effective training and improvement of bad habits! A tired dog is a happy dog.

Check out our new Daycare At The Studio tab at the top, as well as it’s subcategories (including our live webcams at “Watch the Dogs Play”) for more information and to enroll your dog today!

For advanced booking, fill out our online application or email us at!

Rock Star Treatment is open Monday- Friday 7am-7pm.

Training Classes Available!

Join one of the classes here at the Studio hosted by Northwest Canine Counseling or Mutt Mindset! Both offer a variety of options when it comes to getting your dog on track to great behavior!


Special thanks to our major sponsor:

Renovations for the Studio made possible by the Petco Foundation! Thank you!

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Motley Zoo’s Rock Star Shop is OPEN!

Now you can order Motley Zoo logo items, like tees, sweatshirts, leashes and more! Go to!

We’ve added a tab on the right to document all of our Celebrity Encounters here at Motley Zoo, so keep an eye on all the rockin’ fun rescue can be!









Check out our adoptable animals!!

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